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Leslie's November 2016 Blog

Hi All -

And welcome to OUR little corner of Paradise –

Before I go any further, we say - thank you to all who came to see us at our booth at the Annapolis Boat Show last month. It was a great time, and we look forward to showing you the wonderful boating communities around the Sarasota area.

And so we say: welcome to OUR little corner of Paradise –

As we now feel that cool breeze in the morning another special time of year begins as the pumpkins make their appearance.

It is time for the Farmers’ Markets to kick in to full gear.

Sarasota's Farmers Market


The Sarasota Farmers Market downtown on Saturday mornings has returning booths that have been missing since the summer. Wooden Farms is back, and that always signals fall.

There is also the Bradenton Farmers Market on Saturday Mornings, and the Phillippi Farmhouse Market on Wednesdays now open as well.

From Longboat – to Siesta Key – From Sarasota/Bradenton to Venice you will discover all the things we are known for –

Incredible weather, internationally famous beaches, a long tradition of arts, culture and festivals. Of course I cannot leave out the wonderful -cuisine, shopping, golf, boating and above all the Hospitality of those lucky enough to call this home. Once you are here you are hooked!



The sunshine is calling, so I will just gather my suntan lotion, and remind you that Irv and I look forward to helping you find your perfect vacation home, or permanent relocation.

As Buyers Agents, we work for your best interests. You do not pay for our services. The sellers do. We always save you money, and our job is to: look out for you!!

Until then – Enjoy….


Where to Find Irv and Leslie

Here is our schedule for the next few months at the ideal-LIVING Resort and Retirement Expos. Check out "RPI Media"

  1. Jan. 7th through 8th - Long Island
  2. Jan. 14th through 15th – Chicago
  3. Feb. 25th through 26th – Sommerset, New Jersey
  4. Mar. 4th through 5th – Tyson’s Corner, Va.


So come and join Irv and Leslie at these great events.
See you there!

Call us when you are ready to make your dreams happen.


Irv & Leslie Rothschild


Leslie Rothschild
(941) 266-5308

Irv Rothschild
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New LiveSarasota.com Video

If you haven’t been on the website for a while check out the new video above. Tell me that doesn’t want to make you live in Sarasota!

We have been seeing home prices increase all over the country, and even though it is not season, we have been seeing it here as well.

It is not too early to think about heading south, and purchasing your dream home, either to relocate permanently, or a “run-away” from the winter cold.

Remember, as Buyer’s agents, Irv and I work for you. We will always save you money, resale or new. You do not pay for our services- the seller does – (Resale or NEW!)

We look forward to helping you live your dream.

As Buyers’ Agents, we look forward to helping you find your perfect place in the sun, whether it be purchasing a vacation home, or permanent relocation. Don’t hesitate to call or of course email.


Siesta Key Beach

As you think about putting your home on the market,
a few hints:

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Become your buyer – If you weren’t moving to Paradise, would you buy your home at the price you are asking?

What do you see when you pull up to your home?

Does the first impression say: Wow- this home looks pristine?

As they walk through your home, can your buyer envision each room for his or her purpose? Is there plenty of room for their belongings? Empty every top shelf ( do this in every cabinet and shelf in the house). You have to pack any way, this will give you a head start. Whether you are dreaming of downtown or dockside, water view or your favorite fairway, our commitment is to help you discover your ultimate lifestyle.


Beach View Relaxing On the Beach Sarasota Golf Courses

Call today to have all of your questions answered about
Sarasota, Bradenton, Siesta Key, and Lakewood Ranch areas.
Thanks so much we look forward to your call.

Irv Rothschild
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