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So now you want to sell your home

WinterHappy May – You've made it through the winter, and now the hint of green is visible as you look at the trees outside. You have now decided that's it – I am moving to Sarasota! (Hopefully you have come down, we have showed you our beautiful area, and you have gone back home amazed at what you have discovered!!)

So now you are thinking – "How do I get the most dollars out of my home when I sell?"

Here are a few hints that might help: Simply put - Your mission is to make your home show like a model. Declutter-Declutter-Declutter!!

The most important thing to remember is: Once you decide to put your home on the market, it becomes a house and not your home – (you have to pack anyway, so why not get started early)

Look at your house though buyer's eyes. What do you see when you pull up to your house and park your car? – Curb appeal is so important. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Are your bushes trimmed? – Does the front of your home look inviting and welcoming? (Buy a few pots of colorful plants and frame the entry.( These can always be refreshed) As you enter, are you greeted with a neutral fresh scent? (you want to appeal to ALL the senses) Is your paint color neutral so others can visualize their furniture in the house? As you walk from room to room is everything neat and tidy? Are your kitchen counters clear?


One last hint, Empty every top shelf- every cabinet, every closet – anyplace that has a top shelf leave empty. After all – you want to give the illusion of more than enough storage for anyone to need.

Hope these few little hints help you get on the right track. As always -we look forward to helping you live your dream, whether it be purchasing a vacation home, or permanent relocation. Don't hesitate to call or of course email.

Until then – Enjoy !!!! Leslie